“people, planet, profit”OUR STORY

Our Mission to brew for a better world, to connect people and to share our passion.

How it began.In 2009 the idea originated
to start brewing traditional
organic abbey beers.

In 2018, after having brewed the beer in Belgium for along time, the Abbot of the Egmond Abbey and the Mayor of Egmond opened the new, state of the art Egmond Brewery in Egmond aan De Hoef, outfitted with the most modern brewing installations, enabling us to brew our organic beers in an environmental friendly and sustainable manner.


Our MissionTo brew for a better world, to connect people and to share our passion.

We brew based on the concept of: “people,planet,profit”, whereby the priority lies with people and the environment and financial results are only considered necessary for the continuity of the brewery.


Our missionTranslate into a number of principles that guide our daily actions:

Autonomous and independent

Egmond Brewery is an autonomous and independent brewery, which choose its own way and is not under the influence of one of the large breweries. This offers us the opportunity to act according to our own core values and principles.

Long-term relationships

Egmond Brewery strives for long-term and open relationships with its environment. This applies to our customers, suppliers, shareholders and local authorities. Short-term gain is not a priority, but respectful cooperation is our starting point.


Egmond Brewery is created with the idea of brewing the most beautiful beers in the most sustainable way possible. At present, the Egmond Brewery has one of the most modern brewing installations. The brewing kettle is heated by means of a steam generator and all residual heat is stored and reused in a subsequent brewing process.


The brewery is fully SKALL certified, which means that the beers brewed by Egmond Brewery are all organically brewed with only the finest organic ingredients.

This makes the Sancti Adalberti abbey beers unique in the world of brewing.

Our Role in the local economy

Egmond Brewery believes it is important to support the local economy trough the use of organic products made in the vicinity of the brewery.
We are striving to use organically grown grain from farmers close in the vicinity of the brewery, and we serve locally produced cheese, bread and sausage in our tasting room.


Brewery Egmond strives for circular use of its by-products.

One example is our relationship with “Zorgboerderij De Klompenhoeve” in Egmond aan de Hoef.

After the brewing process, a large amount of beer broth remains. It does not fit our philosophy to throw away the broth; it would be a huge waste and not very environmental friendly.

To prevent this we entered into a partnership with “Zorgboerderij De Klompenhoeve

The beer broth is daily fed to the goats on the farm. The milk produced by the goats is than used to make cheese. We exchange our beer broth for the goat cheese produced on “De Klompenhoeve” which is served in our tasting room upstairs and is for sale in our brewery shop at the entrance.

Offering opportunities

Brewery Egmond strives to offer people with a distance from the labour market the opportunity to gain work experience.

This not only applies to young people but also for new Dutch people who can get used to the dutch culture.